Designer or Programmer ? Yep & Nah !

Just me, Sha LI

Hi, my name is Sha LI (李莎), you can call me Lisa :) Inspired by the observation of everyday life, I try to find better solutions to problems which need to be considered from both artistic and informatics perspectives.

I am currently a research student at the University of York, EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence (IGGI). I am also sponsored by BT Technology's Future Content Research (iCase). I am a graduate of the University of Edinburgh where I received an MSc in Advanced Design Informatics, with Distinction. My earlier degree is B.Eng in Digital Media Arts (Xiamen University, Software School). I did a summer internship developing VR games with the Two Big Ears, back in 2014.

I have been educated in software engineering and digital media for over 6 years. My first degree, Digital Media Engineering, provides a special basis for my study, because it is a cross-disciplinary major that not only requires students to master the knowledge of computer science but to also be artistically accomplished. My master major, Advanced Design Informatics, gave me a stage to play with my ideas freely, and has trained me in how to carry out research activities as well.

I have experience in different coding languages, such as Objective-C, Java, C# and JavaScript. I have done some practice in C, C++, XML, Html5 and ActionScript, too. I am familiar with a wide range of development tools, for example, Xcode, Unity, Arduino, Processing, Photoshop, After Effects, iMovie, Flash and Maya. My visual design skills allow me not to rely on other designers, while my programming skills give me the chance to realise wild ideas where non-programmers find it impossible. My other skills like animation and photography are useful in delivering projects.

I also rely on my abilities to solve problems and to learn quickly. During the internship last summer, I was able to make a product by exploring a new SDK and picking up a new programming language within a short time. I am not just enthusiastic about doing research but also engaged in making products.

Besides academics, I have strong interpersonal and communication skills and have been involved in various social events, which makes me capable of performing well in networking activities like workshops. I am an optimistic, cheerful person who loves living life deeply. My friends like to describe me as 'a CRAZY girl' - study crazy, work crazy, and play crazy, for the reason that I am always passionate.

Welcome to my personal website, wish you have a good time here! Cheers :D ❤