More Group Work

XMU Roaming System

virtual reality, 3D modelling

It is a virtual reality community of Xiamen University, which is definitely no.1 beautiful campus in China! :P


It was a long-term project, over 20 people had engaged in it through the whole process. As the team leader, my main job was project management, and did material modellingrendering for some areas. The main tool we used were Maya and Unity

This is one the seven parts of the campus, Lovers's Gorge. I did the material modelling and rendering in this part. ❤


Run! Sasa!

Flash game

Three of us made this very interesting flash game, which has an unusual way of playing, back to 2010. It was so popular in the school that we won prizes in the competition. The game is about a little creature tries to escape from a bad king. He has to overcome all the difficulties on his way, such as greedy snakes, suddenly dropped toothed wheels, and funny guys who have sharp heads. The player use mouse to draw the roads and shields for the little creature, and use keyboard to make him move around.

It is a highly playable game even now, for the rich experience it provides in the unexpected levels. Later, my teammates and I made it on iPad. I miss the time when I worked with 沙沙. ❤


Intro Animation

after effects, 3D animation

Game, "难知如阴", is a project of our summer placement, 2012. We had 12 people on our team, produced a very interesting strategy 3D game. We used an advanced motion capture device to generate the initial animation, and then made detailed actions. The modelling and materials were good, too. I did all the after effects to make it look cooler. 



non-linear editing

This was the third part of the whole clip (2011). It was about a boy who felt frustrated about his life, but finally snapped out of it. We did the storyboard, filming, and editing all by ourself. It was great fun to work with 炯, 小虾, and 力琪. We went up very early to catch the sunrise, and the scenes of running in non-people streets. However, the editing looks too bitty to me now.

Music: Linkin Park - Iridescent;  Director&Editing: 李莎(Sha LI); Filming: 孙礼炯,肖夏; Actor: 陈力琪 ❤