CircleU is a campus-based android social App with scenarios implied in UI design. It aims to "get connection via the simplest way ". It provides users with six scenarios, Me, Friends, Groups, Playground, Schedule, and Recommendation. Users can make a rich social activities with CircleU.

CircleU is my undergraduate dissertation project, which was done with my other three fantastic teammates in 2013. As the only designer in our team, I did all the design jobs, such as product concept, UI layout, and visual design.

The main feature of UI is using colour to distinguish different scenarios, instead of using tabs. The advantages are saving space on the screen, and simplify the interactions. The colour themes help users to remember and recognise the scenarios without reading.

The principle of this UI design is easy to use, including rigorous structures, clear outlines, simple actions, and good feedbacks.

To my surprise, several months after I finished this design, my friends found that the UI design of updated WeChat was quite similar to my design :P


Special thanks to my teammates, 吴家兴,项斌, and 谢晓青, for supporting me and doing so well on programming. I miss the time when we worked together!